lqb2weekly #158 (17 sep 2021)


sooooo lqb2weekly is definitely definitely lqb2monthly in the summer. and i dig it. :)

i’m gonna keep this intro v brief because summer ends in 5 days and i will not spend a second more of it indoors than i have to. some bullets:

  • here’s a photo dump from a recent chunk of summertimes. did i mention summer is my fav season?

  • my beloved kendra topped the ticket for her city council campaign. article here. two months til election day. lfg.

  • between sept 1 and oct 11 i will spend 20 days in maine. what is this love affair with this land? >_>

  • i’m gonna be on andy cahill’s podcast, the wonder dome, pretty soon. stay tuned. he just posted his interview with *parker fucking palmer* 🤩

  • lil nas x dropped the montero album and i truly am stunned.

  • i went fishing with two of my parents and it was dope. shoutout to my badass-fishin’ mom.

  • living in the northeast is a big privilege i think. i hold lots of tension as i watch friends in other parts of this land not be able to go outside. and i’m just tryna be where i am, focus on my work, care for/with my people, and rest hard so i can be ready when needed. is it working? idk, you tell me!

on to the things!

(!!) pick of the pack


some things i’ve written since the last newsletter:


there is nothing new under the sun…

it’s not about how many times you say you’ll change; it’s about accumulating the benefits of practicing changes in your system. — adrienne maree brown, holding change

wealth is deferred grief piled up. — martín prechtel, the smell of rain or dust

Start by doing what is necessary, then what is possible, and suddenly you are doing the impossible. — St. Francis of Assisi

That, to me, is what success is: going from failure to failure, with enthusiasm. — Samuel Delany

Never expect to fail, but always plan for it.
The fastest way to get back on track is to have a plan for when you’re off it.
— James Clear

Lessons are repeated until they are learned. A lesson will be presented to you in various forms until you have learned it. When you have learned it, you can go on to the next lesson.
Learning lessons does not end. There’s no part of life that doesn’t contain its lessons. If you’re alive, that means there are still lessons to be learned.
— Cherie Carter-Scott

There are hundreds of paths up the mountain, all leading in the same direction, so it doesn’t matter which path you take. The only one wasting time is the one who runs around and around the mountain, telling everyone that his or her path is wrong. — Hindu proverb

Find a partner who is ready to build with you.
It is not about finding perfection in another person, it is about realizing when you come across an undeniable connection that nourishes your being and matches the type of support you are looking for. Getting lost in the idea of perfection is a hindrance. Being with someone who is committed to going through the ups and downs of life together is truly priceless.
When two people embrace their imperfections and commit to growing into better versions of themselves, it will naturally enhance the happiness they share in the relationship.
— Yung Pueblo on relationships


being human / awakening — climbing poetree


some things i’ve read since the last newsletter:


some audio and/or podcasts i’ve listened to since the last newsletter:


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some things i’ve been (aurally) enjoying since the last newsletter:

  • montero the album — lil nas x

  • agua — bomba estéreo

  • morning asana — londrelle (!!)

  • freedom — resharn powell


upcoming events

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other opportunities

  • Feminism for Men: A Sanctuary Boston Small Group | Meeting on Tuesday nights this fall | 7-9pm on Sept 21, 28; Oct 12, 26; Nov 9, 23; Dec 7, 21 | doc link


right now i’m learning…

new levels of how important it is to practice just being. this has many levels of applicability but one of them is definitely non-reactivity during moments of chaos (this makes the line between reaction and response clearer).