lqb2weekly #153 (3 may 2021)


this is me, sending a “spring overwhelm” edition of lqb2weekly.

the good news is i just had my second vaccine shot. the bad news is that so so so much is terrible. one consistent sign that let’s me know i’m overwhelmed is when i can only see more bad/hard than good/ease in the world.

but there’s a new life radio episode: innovation! so that’s nice.

ok gtg continue being overwhelmed. bye.

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there is nothing new under the sun…

The Paradox of Focus:
Make the most of one opportunity and more opportunities will come your way.
Moving boldly in one direction causes more paths to unfold before you.
To get more, focus on less. —
James Clear

Criticizing a musician is easy, but it is more difficult when you have a guitar in your hand. — Chilean saying

If you love to read, or learn to love reading, you will have an amazing life. Period. Life will always have hardships, pressure, and incredibly annoying people, but books will make it all worthwhile. In books, you will find your North Star, and you will find you, which is why you are here.
Books are paper ships, to all the worlds, to ancient Egypt, outer space, eternity, into the childhood of your favorite musician, and — the most precious stunning journey of all — into your own heart, your own family, your own history and future and body.
Out of these flat almost two-dimensional boxes of paper will spring mountains, lions, concerts, galaxies, heroes. You will meet people who have been all but destroyed, who have risen up and will bring you with them. Books and stories are medicine, plaster casts for broken lives and hearts, slings for weakened spirits. And in reading, you will laugh harder than you ever imagined laughing, and this will be magic, heaven, and salvation. I promise.
 — Anne Lamott

The most important habit is choosing the right habit to work on. — James Clear

Ambition is when you close the gap between your circumstances and your expectations.
Entitlement is when you expect others to close the gap between your circumstances and your expectations.
 — Dolly Parton


new book: sabbaths by wendell berry


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  • UMI - where i wander reimagined

  • UMI - introspection reimagined



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right now i’m learning…

just how much work it takes to transition out of a job.