lqb2weekly #152 (20 apr 2021)


the amount of justice needed will never be given to us by the courts. whatever the outcome of the current trial (or any trial really) about state-sanctioned violence, what is truly needed is at least an order of magnitude more than even the best trial outcomes. also the number of national guard in minnesota right now given the fact that the capital was literally stormed this same calendar year is just… le sigh. anyway, that’s all i have to say about that (for now).

in other, more liberatory news:

  • my friend fez and i piloting a six-week meditation and storytelling class for people of color. if that’s you, details are over here. i can bring three more folks for this pilot round. please follow the contact instructions inside the link a few sentences back. if you don’t, i won’t see your communication.

  • since the beginning of the year, three of my friends have hired personal trainers! okok i get it i get it i’m hiring one! consider this bandwagon jumped on.

  • a new episode of life radio is out today: idleness. check it out!

  • my birthday was on april 16, woot! but FOR THE LOVE OF EVERYTHING THAT IS HOLY, PLEASE DON’T TEXT ME OR EMAIL ME “HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" if you feel that urge, please go here instead, https://bit.ly/lqb2_32, and send some birthday love in the way *i* want it. if that turns you off, ask yourself why the way you want to give me birthday love takes priority over the way i want to receive it (and then let the answer change how you relate to other people’s birthdays in the future). ;)

  • my birthday hike got cancelled. so instead of hiking, i wrote like a zillion blog posts. it felt great. in case i wasn’t sure, i’m a writer.

  • i wrote a poem about the nuclear family. it probably needs editing but i like it.

on to the things!

(!!) pick of the pack



there is nothing new under the sun…

discernment meetings are different from decision meetings. — katie gordon (inspired probably by rachel plattus)

I understood the need for organizations, but I was always afraid of what they did to people. —myles horton

without community, there is no liberation. — audre lorde

If you never fail, you’re only trying things that are too easy and playing far below your level… If you can’t remember any time in the last six months when you failed, you aren’t trying to do difficult enough things. — Eliezer Yudkowsky

The teacher learns more than the student.
The author learns more than the reader.
The speaker learns more than the attendee.
The way to learn is by doing.
— James Clear

Find out who you are and do it on purpose. — Dolly Parton

We are in the habit of imagining our lives to be linear, a long march from birth to death in which we mass our powers, only to surrender them again, all the while slowly losing our youthful beauty. This is a brutal untruth. Life meanders like a path through the woods. We have seasons when we flourish and seasons when the leaves fall from us, revealing our bare bones. Given time, they grow again. — Katherine May




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